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We at Faith Christian Academy understand the sacrifice and love behind providing a private, Christian education. We have partnered up with several scholarships to help make our mission more financially feasible. Our most common accepted scholarship comes from Step Up for Students.

Faith Christian Academy accepts several scholarships that are available through the Step Up for Students organization or AAA Scholarship organization. These programs provide K-12 education scholarships for qualifying students, each with their own varied criteria for eligibility. Visit the website at or for more information. Families utilizing a scholarship will be notified by the scholarship and by the Academy of electronic deposit for their child's/children's tuition payment. The parent/guardian must go to the scholarship website before the designated deadline and approve the payment. If payments are not approved on the scholarship website, parents will assume full responsibility for the tuition payments. 

Step Up for Students

K-12 students, regardless of household income, who are residents of Florida and eligible to enroll in a K-12 public school can receive a scholarship worth an average of $7,700 to attend a private school that best meets their academic needs. The scholarship can be used for tuition along with other related expenses such as registration, books, testing and other fees.

Florida Empowerment Scholarship – Unique Abilities

The Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities (FES-UA) program (formerly known as the Gardiner and McKay Scholarship Programs) is an annual scholarship that provides parents/guardians of children with specific disabilities the opportunity to better meet the individual needs of their eligible children.