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Formal Attire Dress Code


1. Dresses must have shoulder straps at least one inch wide.
2. Necklines may be no lower than 3 inches from the front center point of the clavicle (bottom center of the neck) at the lowest point.
3. Dress backs may not be lower than 6 inches from the base of the neck.
4. Slits in dresses must be no higher than 1 inch above the knee.
5. Hemline must be no shorter than 1 inch above the knee.  
6. All parts of the body between the neckline guideline and the hemline guideline must be fully covered.
7. No cutouts or open midriffs.
8. No excessive cleavage.
9. Pants suits or jumpers must meet the same coverage requirements as dresses.
10. Clothing must be feminine in appearance.


1. Button-down dress shirts are required.
    a. No polos
    b. No t-shirts
2. Dress slacks or khakis are required
    a. No jeans
    b. No shorts
    c. No cargo pants
3. Suit coats are allowed but not required.
4. Ties are allowed but not required.
5. Tuxedos are allowed but not required.
6. Clothing must be masculine in appearance.


Any student or non-student attending an FCA formal event MUST adhere to this dress code. A final dress code check will be done before students enter the event. Anyone not adhering to the FCA formal dress code will not be permitted to enter the event until dress code guidelines are met. No refunds will be issued to students or non-students who are denied entry or asked to leave an FCA event.


Dress Code Examples

Below are examples of approved stlyes of dress code for both gentlemen and ladies. These are just guidelines to help you in the decision making process. If you are unsure, please reach out to administration with any specific questions.